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(Dec 16 Updated)Warehouse: Holiday Closures in December

November 29, 2022

Entering December, there are various festivals around the world. Our overseas warehouses will be closed during the local public holidays of the place where they are located. Please note that our warehouses will not receive or send out parcels, nor will our warehouses update any shipment status during the closure. Details are as follows: 

Warehouse Closure Days
Dec 5th (MON)
Dec 12th (MON)
Dec 30th – 31st (FRI-SAT)
US Dec 24th – 26th (SAT-MON)
Indonesia Dec 25th (SUN)
Hong Kong
Dec 25th – 27th (SUN-TUE) 
Korea Dec 26th (MON)

For the shipping schedule of warehouses, please refer to “Member Centre > Warehouses > Restrictions of relevant warehouses”.

Happy Holidays!